How Far Will You Go To Promote Your Brand?

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How Far Will You Go To Promote Your Brand?
By: Stephane Boss ~ 7/18/2016


Promote your brand to make people remember your organization!

We must admit we like to push the limits.

Stéphane Boss, our founder, went on top of Mount Kilimanjaro and promoted BYDFAULT and few clients and partners this past June 2016.

But it does not have (always) to be that way.

Sometimes, having a giveaway as simple as a pen can go a long way. Think of it as one more opportunity to promote your brand in front of your clients and prospects. It should be part of your sales and marketing tools.

Your probably go to some networking events, maybe advertise in the local newspaper/radio or do online/facebook ads and that’s great. Well, consider promotional products as a tool to complement the ones you already use to promote your brand and organization.

Truth is, your clients and prospects need to see your message/brand many, many times (at least 7 times as studies show) to remember it and take action. So the more impressions you make the greater the chance your audience will remember you and eventually call you!


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Speaking of making an impression here are the top 5 products you want to think about:


And don’t over think it. Some products are mostly to be kept because they are useful, not because they look cute…


Oh and here are the organizations we love that we brought on top of Kilimanjaro with us:

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