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When you need to keep the boys busy

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When you need to keep the boys busy
Written By: Stephane Boss ~ 4/9/2020

When you need to keep the boys and
your mind busy...

We had so much fun doing this video.
The first time the 4 of us did something together in a long time.

One thing that you don’t want to do is to STOP doing things.

I mean, look at this video. We had so much fun doing it.

In a normal situation, Ben would be at school, Alex would be working at a ski resort, Matt would be studying at the university and Nath would be out showing houses and I’d be working with suppliers and clients to fulfill their orders all day.

When was the last time you were bored? Not knowing what to do?

We forget how useful these downtimes are for our minds. During these times we need to find new ways to stay busy. Often, it will happen through creativity.

Did you notice how businesses turned their business model upside down in the last weeks?

  • I was on the phone with a client today. He told me that the coronavirus situation forced them to innovate online. Forced them to be creative and look for solutions to stay afloat.

  • My fitness coach now does his classes online. He created a private Facebook group for his clients where he shows up live every day. Not ideal but that’s how you stay connected with your clients.

  • This other local small business now does their in-person workshop events online on zoom. They are all about building relationships and connections. This not ideal situation led them to go virtual and now not only are they able to deliver their workshops but they can also record them. Which means more ways to generate leads later on. I love it.

Did you notice how creative, people can be? Especially if you spend too much time on social media. But who doesn’t?

"Those who are pivoting today will be the ones to come out of this stronger than before."

Despite the context, you still need to show up. Show that you care. Show that you are here to support your community.

More than ever, now is a time to be creative, reinvent your business model, build stronger relationships with your audience and don’t stop doing the things you love.

That’s why I offer a free 30-minute brainstorming session, that’s why I offer these masks almost at cost or these hand-sanitizers. Honestly, I’d rather sell 100 popsockets than 1,000 disposable masks right now.
I also worked hard to find suppliers who can drop-ship items such as care packages directly to your clients or employees, a great option for virtual fundraising.

Oh, I almost forgot to tell you about the person who unsubscribed from my list.

You see, 95% of the people on my list are either business owners or nonprofit leaders. Most, if not all of them, are local to me. I strongly believe we are a community where we help each other. I will always do everything I can to support my community. Because we are in this together. Especially today.

And when someone unsubscribes, I do not take it personally. I get it. I really do.

What puzzles me is when someone with whom I am connected with on Linkedin unsubscribes and a couple days later sends me a personal email asking me to support their fundraising effort. This, I don't get. I mean, seriously?

Pro-Tip: Before you unsubscribe from any list, make sure there is nothing you want to ask this business or business owner in the future. Granted some will not notice. Just be smart. 

Creativity is not an issue here. Hint: my ebook is almost complete. Yeah!

Until then, hang in there, be creative and don’t stop.

Stephane “the creative mind” Boss,

BYDFAULT, Branded Products


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