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Written By: stephane boss ~ 1/9/2020

In 2014, shortly after I left Microsoft, I had a discussion with a very successful business owner. A leader in his field.

And he said something to me that had me thinking ever since.

He said something to me that changed what I think about what’s important in running a business.

He said:

A company doesn’t ’t sell a product or a service.

A company solves a problem so that people can have a better quality of life.

What I realized only years later is that BYDFAULT actually also solved one of my problems:

It gives me the opportunity to be more balanced between my work and my life outside of work. So that I can spend more time with my family and more time running.

Look around you. Look at what other businesses are doing. All businesses solve a problem for the people they serve. Whether it’s business to business or business to consumer or business to business to consumer.

The thing is, too often, we focus on the features. We focus on describing why our product or service is better than the competition. And that’s where I think we fall short.

People don’t buy features. They buy a solution. They buy things that will improve their life.

Okay I am sure there are some exceptions. But you get my point.

Rather, let’s focus more on the benefits. On how the product or service actually impact people’s live.

BYDFAULT, for example, helps business owners save time so that they can focus on what matter to them. Whether it is to spend more time with their family, travel, play golf… or spend more time recruiting and keeping their employees, building relations with their clients, developing new ideas…

How do I do this?

Consider me as the marketing arm of a business for creating their branded products that will attract new customers and help keep existing ones. Getting more clients and having more loyal clients help you grow your business.

Think about it: in the US, 595,000 businesses close every year.

28% of them close due to poor marketing and customer service.

And by the way, if I can help 160,000 business owners stay in business, I’ll be a very happy man!!


A promotional product creates a link between you/your brand and your client. It’s a way for people to remember you and call you when they need you.

Did you know?

85% of the people who receive a promo item remember who gave it to them. Meaning remembering how you help them get a better life with your products or services.

Pretty cool, hein?

There’s’ more!

A good promotional item is one that people can relate to and is useful and/or attractive.

That’s why on average, a promotional product is kept 7 months and will generate 2,500 impressions on average.

When you do the math, a $1 pen cost 1/10 of a cent per impression.

I am not sure I know a better way to invest into advertising.

I’d be interested to hear from you and how you communicate with your clients about how you make their life better.

Until then, cheers!

And remember, you are one click away from growing your sales.

Stephane Boss,

Owner and Founder of BYDFAULT, Branded Products


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