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What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

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What Could Possibly Go Wrong?
Written By: stephane Boss ~ 10/14/2019

Sometimes things don't go as expected

You run a business or a nonprofit, you do it all.
when you do it all, most likely, you will make mistakes.

Making mistakes is totally fine (well most of them) as long as you come up with a solution.

Most clients understand that we are human and things happen.

When they do happen though, they want you to be their hero. in other words, you have to make it right. and to make it work.

Here is what happened to me this summer.

Due to a misunderstanding (nothing to do with me, my client also speaks french), my client’s brochure would have been delivered after the date of their event. With two days left, my supplier didn't have time to redo it and ship it overnight.

I had to find a printer 1/ based where the event was taking place 2/ had the paper quality I needed in stock 3/ had the bandwidth to produce and deliver on time.

In this scenario, knowing the industry key players is a must.

I could have gone to a FedEx office nearby but the price was exorbitant.

Being part of a network of 1,000's of suppliers helped me find a solution within hours. Brochures were printed and delivered right on time for their event.
We all help the people we serve solve a problem. We are seen as a problem solver.

And, when something unexpected happens they need to know we can help them.

With that in mind, I have selected some items below that can remind your clients and prospects that you are here to help and that they can rely on you. In all circumstances. Almost.

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