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Throw back Thursday when it all started

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Throw back Thursday when it all started
Written By: Stephane Boss ~ 8/17/2017


This was July 2011. Few days after our volunteering trip to Guatemala.

That's when I decided to create something bigger than myself. A company that will donate back portion of its revenue to charity. BYDFAULT was born on that day, on that deck, at that moment!

You can only learn if you fail.
BYDFAULT was first a t-shirt company. But it did not go as planned. I was struggling. And I realized the fashion industry was not for me. That's when I pivoted the business model to something else. More about the early days here.

Starting all over.
2014 was the rebirth of BYDFAULT as you know it. The mission remains the same as day one: give back to the community. The company now focus on helping businesses and nonprofits with their branded product needs. More about BYDFAULT today here.

I am loving it! I love to see other businesses grow. I love to see nonprofit organizations raise funds and achieve their mission. I love it when I can see that all of us are contributing to make our world a better place for all.

Talk soon,
Stéphane Boss, Founder at BYDFAULT, we help you promote and grow your business.

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