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Be Event-Ready. Tradeshow Displays and More!

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Be Event-Ready. Tradeshow Displays and More!
Written By: Stephane Boss ~ 1/12/2017



And no, it’s not all about tradeshow displays!  Ways to promote your business.  There are multiple ways to promote and grow your business.

I am confident that in order to grow your business you have included some events, tradeshows, networking events… to your business plan. These are great opportunities to get in front of your target audience, showcase your expertise and line of products or services. And to connect with existing clients.

Too often when we think about events, we think about tradeshow displays. But that’s only one out of many options to get noticed and promote your company.

When you are participating at a tradeshow, you probably hand out flyers, business cards, maybe some giveaways. Some of these events might require a canopy, tables and covers. In some cases, signage like a popup banner, promo flag… tradeshow displays.

To get you ready, we have put together some event-ready items to help you address your event needs. These are examples and we’ll provide a custom response once we better understand your specific needs and industry. Voluntarily I did not mention any promotional products here because they need to be chosen based on your audience, your industry, your company and what you want to achieve with a promotional product.

Now that you have a better idea of the possibilities, lets have a conversation with an expert in advertising specialty products and yes, that means to give me a call or email me.

I am waiting for your call: (425) 247-0631 or email me at stephane@bydfault.com or complete this little form here.


Talk soon,
Stéphane Boss, CEO and owner at BYDFAULT, we help you promote and grow your business.

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