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Best custom gifts for 2016 holiday season with your logo.

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Best custom gifts for 2016 holiday season with your logo.
Written By: Stephane Boss ~ 9/2/2016


We can help you find the best custom gifts for 2016 with your logo on it.

We all love a gift.

That makes us feel special and loved. It is true when you receive a gift from your child, your better half or a total stranger paying for your cup of Joe at the drive through (well maybe you don’t feel the love at that point just yet!).

When it comes to thanking your clients or employees you feel a bit lost.

What gift will actually be spot on, how much should you spend, how many should you make…? Though a gift card is always appreciated it’s not quite original and does not always have your logo on it. Plus, it’s not that personal. And you want to be personal. It’s a gift after all!

I suggest you select a gift that is unique, whether in thoughtfulness, coolness or functionality. That’s why we built a list of the best custom gifts for 2016 that can have your logo printed on them.

A thank you note from a friend or a business you bought from is always nice. We like to think that someone actually spent time and gave some thoughts to how they will thank you. For example, I sincerely appreciate that Michael’s auto repair, Redmond WA, where I bring my car for service, mail me a written thank you note for bringing them my car for service. Small things matter.

Right now, I appreciate you taking the time reading these lines. Time is one of our most precious assets. And I feel special that you actually dedicated some of it to read this.

That’s why there is a gift for you at the bottom (way better than a gift card). Actually that’s one that will, hopefully, help you with your end of the year gifts to your clients, employees or donors if you are running a nonprofit.

Keep in mind that your clients will probably receive some sort of gift from other businesses and potentially your competitors.

Did you know:

  • Companies thanking clients are giving gifts averaging $48.
  • Last holiday season and on average companies spent $44 for gift to their employees.
  • Food or beverages are the most popular items for customers and prospects, followed by useful office items like pens, calendars and power banks.
  • 62% companies plan on rewarding clients and employees.
  • On average, companies will distribute 116 gifts to clients and 76 to prospects.
  • Companies are spending more on larger clients.

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