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Knock Knock Opportunity?

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Knock Knock Opportunity?
Written By: Stephane Boss ~ 2/13/2019

Knock Knock
Who's there?
Don't be silly - opportunity doesn't knock twice!

True, right?

Remember my last email?
Well, it was a hit and got more than 40% response rate.
Who doesn't like a good deal?

For thje last few days we received lots and lots of snow in Seattle. People stuck in their home. Businesses in slow mo.
so now that it is melting, it is time to get back on track.

To celebrate the #meltinsnowamageddon I have selected a few good branded products for you.

As we all know by now, opportunity doesn't knock twice.
So now is your opportunity to promote and grow your business.

for a limited time say end of this week. I am offering you FREE setup on a selection of items.
You save $59 on your order.
inimum order of $297.

Your logo has multiple colors? No problem. Setup is on me.

products part of that offer includes: water bottles, mugs, tote bags, backpacks...

Same as usual.
You want to know more about it?
Email me at stephane [at] bydfault [dot] com and I'll forward you your magic link to the catalog.

This offer won't last and I can end it at any time.
The countdown started!




Remember, you are one click away from growing your sales. So click away!

bye now,

Stephane Boss
cell: (425) 698-0943
BYDFAULT, Branded Products.
Where we help businesses promote their brand and grow their sales

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