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Dress up for success

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Dress up for success
Written By: Stephane Boss ~ 3/22/2018

Custom print apparel does not have to be complicated.
58% of US consumers own a branded t-shirt. And 85% of them will remember who they get it from.

Sunny days are on the horizon.

This is a great time to plan for your next t-shirt project.

Did you know that I started BYDFAULT as a t-shirt brand giving back $5 from every shirt to charity? Hence the 5 on the shirt below.

Trust me, I know what am talking about when it comes to ethical apparel options, printing technique and printer selection.


This is a vast topic so I will try to keep it simple and to the point.

Let me say it: the apparel industry is a dirty one production wise. Too many brands are not ethical.

I spent a few years to learn and select a few brands that I know I can trust: Bella/Canvas, Next Level Apparel, District and Gildan. Bella/Canvas being the brand I trust most. And Gildan (who acquired American Apparel) offers a more cost effective option.

I will give you options based on your project.

Without getting into too many details I will recommend the best way to print or embroider based on your artwork and garment.
Even with screen printing there are options for the best ink to use to get the desired result. I'll recommend the best one.

Selecting the right printer. I partner with a couple of trusted printers in Seattle and Out of State. Based on the complexity of your project I will recommend the best fit.

Price of the shirt varies based on quality, style and color. Not so much on quantity unless your order is above 5,000 pieces or for very specific project such as team sport uniform.

As a preferred vendor with most brands, the price I get is the case price. That means whether you need one shirt or 100, the price per item will be the cheapest one I get. I don't apply price breaks that I don't get for myself.

Price for printing is based on quantity, number of colors and the ink we use. For example we use stretch additive for all print on polyester so that the print won't crack or peel.
I will always give you an estimate based on options.

Sometimes a tricky aspect of your project. I am here to help. Your logo file needs to be print-ready. That means in a vector format. Most logo are easy to convert and we'll do it for free. When more work is required or we need to redraw your design I will give you an estimate. I work with graphic designers who can handle pretty much any design needs.

Here are some examples:

  • Basic yet durable cotton shirt. One color full chest. Quantity: 50. Price: $4.99 + shipping and tax.
  • Fashion shirt cotton. Soft to the hand ink. 3-color full chest. Quantity: 75. Price: $9.63 + shipping and tax.
  • Basic hoodie. 1-color front and 1-color back. Quantity: 50. Price: $16.85 + shipping and tax.

Have a project in mind? Let me know about it!

Get ready for your next event!

Thank you,

Stephane Boss
BYDFAULT, you are one click away from growing your sales!

PS: Next email blast (a week from today ) will be about custom print apparel. Stay tuned!





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