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Your Deal Of The Week
Written By: Stephane Boss ~ 12/7/2017

Drinkware items are the most popular products in the Pacific Northwest!

Without surprise, 61% of people in the Pacific Northwest own a branded drinkware. And more than 80% will keep it and use it.

We are coffee drinkers, am I right?


Well, we do like shots and not just coffee shots!
If you see what I mean?

Flight of cocktails and whiskey, vodka or tequila samples are very trendy right now in Seattle. As per the Seattle Times.
Remember! Am not drinking.... cause am runnin'. Just sayin'

These deals are possible because I work for you. Searching the web for the best deals.
Thank you,

Stephane Boss,
Founder of BYDFAULT, where we help promote your name and grow your sales.

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