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New Year's Resolutions Start Today Otherwise It's called Procrastination

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New Year's Resolutions Start Today Otherwise It's called Procrastination
Written By: Stephane Boss ~ 11/27/2017

Are You A Procrastinator? Don't lie to me!
We all procrastinate at some point. I know I do. A little. For some things. Like getting my desk in order.

Did you notice this excitement when January first come. "Am gonna hit the gym" "I will loose weight" "I will have more dates with my spouse" and on and on and on... few weeks later it's all gone!
I know we all have at least one good excuse.


Ok, what's the point here?

When it comes to running a business it feels sometimes the same (unless you have a boss).
We are pretty good with the day-to-day operations but we suck at long term strategy and working ON the business.

Be honest here. When is the last time you actually worked on the business? I mean not focusing on short term revenue tactics.

Personally that's my weak spot.

So, for the last 10 days (and am not done yet) I started to implement my New Year's resolutions. And it's all about being more efficient connecting with people like you.

Because, you know, I realized that I wanted to run more ultra-marathons across the world because that's what keeps me balanced as a person.

The bottom line is that you'll see a few changes in the near future:
New email marketing look and feel. Starting November 2017. Because it's personal and I believe we are in a relationship for the long term. That's not new but will be reinforced.

New website. Coming up in January 2018. Thanks to the amazing Wendy and June from bWyse Internet Marketing. I am super excited.

More frequent offers to help you promote and grow your sales. I know you are not always a big fan of these communications. But I do it for your own good (and mine :-)).

You'll receive fun perks when you become a client. Starting December 2017. Sorry, I cannot say more about this.
What does not change:
I still do an amazing job delivering the promotional products you want on budget and on time. No question about that.

5% from your order goes to a charity of your choice. That's BYDFAULT's core principle.

As an ASI (Advertising Specialty Institute) member I have access to thousands of suppliers in the US and overseas. You always get the best product for your budget. And by the way, even the big guys are members. So, size does not matter!

I/we am/are super duper responsive. 24/7 (almost?). Just try.

You ALWAYS get a real person to talk or email to. Ok, with a French accent. So what?
These are my resolutions.

What are yours?

Have a great weekend.

Thank you,
Stephane Boss
BYDFAULT, where we help promote your brand and grow your sales.

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