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Do not make this mistake
By: Stephane Boss ~ 6/24/2019

Do Not Make This Mistake!

In every situation you ALWAYS represent the brand you work for.

In this video I share what a prospect from a VERY large Telco company asked me and how he went silent.

I was so excited and maybe a little pissed that I forgot to change after my workout. So you get a sense on how I look like right after a 1-hour workout.

BYDFAULT is a honest and spontanous company that help businesses promote their brand and grow their sales in Redmond, WA and beyond. Hence I am not always wearing the best outfit when I am in front of the camera.

In this situation, the content beats the outfit.




Stephane Boss, BYDFAULT Branded Products, Redmond, WA:

Hey, what's up everybody? This is Stephane with Bydfault.
It's been a while. And since I don't do videos anymore from the car, uh, that's why it took me a while to do this again.

Hey, if you have employees listen up, if you don't, I'm sure you can relate to the story that I'm about to share.

Okay. So, a few days ago I received an email qsking for an estimate for 300 tee shirts, including different quality tee-shirts like good, better, best options for a nationwide compan: Like very, very, very big company. Which has an office in Redmond.

So, they reached out to me from their local office.

I was pretty excited. I pretty much stopped everything and started to work on the estimate right away and reply to the guy maybe within an hour.  Yeah, maybe a little more than that. With all the information and all of the quotes and everything that he wanted.

And, well I sent it last Friday or Thursday: A week after that I followed up with them. I called the day after, I think, because though it was not a very complicated order there were a lot of moving parts. So I wanted to make sure that he understood everything and that he was clear on the pricing and the quantities and all the different printing options.

Anyway. I called, left a message, I think it was like not a fake number, but like, not even the voicemail was set up. Emailed, no response either . And we were like, maybe eight, 10 days after and I haven't heard from that person.

And that's not pretty common. Usually people that are customer-oriented respond pretty fast to emails. Even when you request you know, information or you ask for an estimate. When the people that you ask for the information reply to you, it's kind of polite to reply back and say thank you. Or thank you for reaching out and I will let you know when we are able to make a decision.

Anyway. I haven't heard from the guy and again I'm not pissed. I'm used to that, like doing lots of bids and estimates and only, um, you know, some of them actually transform into a sale. But coming from a very large company where I can be a client, where I could become a client.

I think the important lesson here is to keep in mind that whatever the job you have in a company, whether small or very large one, you always represent the company, you always represent the brand.

So, how you behave really impacts the perception you give of that said company. So imaging what I'm thinking about the company he represents. I probably won't be a customer soon or even ever based on this interaction and it will take a lot of effort from them to get me into their shop and buy one of their items.

Again, it's a very, very, very big company. When you have "sales" in your job title, I expect more than that. I expect that you are a professional and that you maybe think that I could also be a customer one day.

Anyway, that was what I wanted to share with you. Always remember that you represent the company you work for.

And remember, you're one click away from growing your sales. Cheers.

Stephane Boss, BYDFAULT Branded Products, Redmond, WA